A Natural Purification Method Developed
with Unique Techniques Using Natural Materials

Restoring Japan's Radiance

About Bakture

BAKTURE = Back to the Nature

About Bakture

Bakture is a product made from porous volcanic gravel and natural minerals gathered from the soil of the Chugoku Mountains in Western Japan. These materials are fired, hammered, and finely crushed by hand. Bakture works by rapidly activating the decomposition action of microbes in the environment where it is introduced, while maintaining the balance of the microbial ecosystem. It has been used to purify water bodies throughout Japan, from Okinawa in the south to Hokkaido in the north. Pond Dispersion Map

Bakture has been effective not only in domestic settings across Japan but also in resolving numerous environmental issues internationally. This highlights its global applicability and success in various environmental contexts beyond its country of origin.

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